Having commercial refrigeration is not only great to have around, but also it’s necessary if you run a business that requires it. No grocery store, convenience store, or restaurant would be complete without having refrigerated products and ingredients nearby.

However, these systems tend to suck up a lot of energy every day. This is both because they need to work properly 24/7 and they’re constantly used by staff and customers (depending on the business) day in and day out. So what can we do to save energy when it comes to commercial refrigeration? Here are some tips on how you can do so.

Keep Your Commercial Fridges Clean

A dirty and dusty commercial fridge will work harder to ensure the heat transfer is kept normal, especially where the coils are concerned. Regular defrosting for the evaporator coils and cleaning the cabinets inside and out can go a long way in preserving energy and ensuring both the coils and the compressor are working properly.

Regular Maintenance Helps

Having a professional Airtech Heating and Cooling Technician to check on and maintain your commercial refrigeration every year can help it stay in shape. For the rest of the time, be sure to follow the fridge manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations and follow a regular maintenance program. That way, the risk of breakdown is reduced and the equipment’s runtime will be extended.

Each commercial fridge comes with door gaskets or seals and self-closing doors, so you need to make sure these are in good condition. If they’re not working properly, then humid and warm air can enter the fridge, causing energy to be wasted and food to spoil. Good quality gaskets should have a tight seal.

Whether it’s an ice machine, a walk-in cooler or a reach-in refrigerator, the technicians at Airtech have the expertise to service any piece of commercial refrigeration equipment. Our regularly scheduled maintenance programs ensure our client’s equipment is always running dependably and efficiently. In the event of equipment breakdown, after hour emergency services are available. Just call 479-229-9033